Spot and Report Fraud

Learn how to spot fraud early and help avoid becoming a victim of scam artists.

Early warning signs of fraud

  • Missing bills

    You did not receive a bill or statement you expected to receive in the mail.

  • Unexpected charges

    Unfamiliar charges show up on your credit card, checking, savings, or other account.

  • Credit surprises

    You are unexpectedly denied credit or given unfavorable terms, receive cards you did not apply for, or collection agencies try to collect on unfamiliar purchases.

Tips for avoiding and reporting fraud

  1. Tip 1

    Fraudsters may email you and ask for your account number, or direct you to sites that ask. Elan will never ask you for confidential banking information; if someone does, please report it to us immediately.

  2. Tip 2

    If your Associated Bank credit card gets lost or stolen, call 1-866-951-1389 immediately to report it.

  3. Tip 3

    If you suspect fraud, call the number on the back of your card immediately. We are available 24 hours a day to protect you from theft and fraud.

Never worry about your statement getting lost or stolen in the mail again.